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Childhood Photos of Models

So I bumped an article on Yahoo! a month ago about childhood photos of supermodels. With my excitement without ever skipping a beat, I clicked the thumbnail right away just to see what on it. Who wouldn’t be interested with seeing these gorgeous ladies in their childhood? I mean what stuff they do and how they ‘really’ look like then. Here’s a bunch of photos courtesy of The Cut. [FB]

Saskia de Brauwch-saskia Natalia Vodianovach-natalia Liu Wench-liu wen Magdalena Frackowciakch-magdalena frackowiak Jamie Brochertch-meghan collison Shu Peich-shu pei Kel Markeych-kel markey Kati Nescherch-kati nescher Kasia Strussch-kasia Jacquelyn Jagaciakch-jacquelyn jablonski Joan Smallsch-joan Julia Frauchech-julia frauche Ginta Lapinach-ginta Fei Fei Sunch-fei Daria Strokousch-daria Chanel Imanch-chanel iman Zuzanna Bijochch-zuzanna Anja Rubikch-anja Constance Jablonskich-constance Cora Emmanuelch-cora Bette Frankech-bette franke

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